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C’est la vie
10 minutes 16mm 1997

"A mini-presentation of consciousness dealing with cosmos. The world in a grain of sand. Connections between life, death, and the world are neither static nor symmetrical but flowing and intuitive. The movement of emulsion through which images are seen is like the mind trying to retrieve and put things together. C’est la vie is a positive muscular little thing." (Rae Davis)


C'est la vie credits
Producer/Director/Writer: Barbara Sternberg
Length: 10 minutes
Year of Production: 1996
Music: Rainer Wiens
Country of Production: Canada
Exhibition format: 16mm
Preview format: vhs

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre
telephone: 416-588-0725, e-mail:

telephone: 331-46590153 e-mail:



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