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After Nature


Far From
17 minutes, 16mm. colour sound, 2014

"The images that constitute our memory tend to rigidify into spectres in the course of their (collective and individual) historical transmission. Hence the task is to bring them to life.” - Giorgio Agamben, “Nymphs”

Constructed with repetitions and variations, in reference to the musical form of a Nocturne, “Far From” is an accumulation of layers, a density of living, the noise of existence. Ghosts of lives lived and traces of lives being lived, rising.

Far From Credits
Producer/Director/Writer: Barbara Sternberg
Length: 17 minutes
Year of Production: 2014
Music: Yves Daost - Bruit
Country of Production: Canada
Exhibition format: 16mm
Preview format: DVD

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre
telephone: 416-588-0725,

telephone: 331-46590153

After Nature
After Nature


Barbara Sternberg © 2011
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