“in the nature of things” – transcript of sync sound dinner party section:

…Lois…Orest…way better, way better…this is some dressing for the mushrooms…franchise…as authentic… the one on Queen street there were two men…do you still do landscaping?...there’s some salmon here too…

Oh you don’t have a glass. Never clink an empty glass. It’s better to not clink at all? Barbara Godard died – I just saw her – oh my god. And the other thing you do when you clink a glass, always take a drink before you put it back on the table. And what happens if you don’t? bad luck.

I’ll demonstrate the Fruit of Life here. – slimy stuff comes out- hmmm. Sperm, fish eggs…so you can only eat them there- there’s some amazing amazing fruit I’ve never heard of before…[baby cries]

Well, I remember one story where there were two professors from the University of British Columbia. They had climbed up Mount Nyblock and they approached the telescope that was positioned overlooking the glacier and they decided that the older, more refined gentleman, and, in the nature of things, the more courteous, would look first. And he was just amazed at the exquisite beauty he was looking at. Then it was his colleague’s turn – he approached the telescope and he had barely focused his vision when he suddenly gave out a loud scream and promptly dropped dead right on the spot. And to this very day the surviving friend of the man who died in such a remarkable way just constantly wonders, in the nature of things, what did he exactly see because he knew for sure it would not be what he had seen himself.