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10.5 minutes 16mm 2004

Our busy comings and goings, on the move, working at life are pictured, but layers of images and scratched emulsion make viewing through the depths an effort. If we scratch the surface, however... Glimpses of other states suggest we can surface.
"The world is too much with us; late and soon,/Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers..." W. Wordsworth

"An exodus of ghostly footsteps pass through the frame beneath layers of scratched emulsion, suggesting the transience of being and a state of emergence beyond the everyday." Mark Webber (BFI London Film Festival)

“…a revival of concerns for repetition and variation that have been important throughout her films.” (Cinematheque Ontario program notes)

In the Collection of: Queens University Library

surfacing credits
Producer/Director/Writer: Barbara Sternberg
Length: 10 minutes 39sec.
Year of Production: 2004
Music: Rainer Wiens
Country of Production: Canada
Exhibition format: 16mm
Preview format: vhs or dvd

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre
telephone: 416-588-0725, e-mail:

telephone: 331-46590153 e-mail:

Program Notes:
Cinematheque Ontario program notes, Feb. 15, 2006 Praise! Recent Work by Barbara Sternberg written by Chris Gehman


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