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(Rome) Skyling
Beta SP 24 minutes, 2003

(Rome) Skyling: Religion and politics are jostled amongst the choreography of nun/tourists in Rome.

Three video 'portraits' of three cities. In each tape one architectural feature and one segment of the population are featured: New York's wooden water towers and old ladies; Rome's Vatican statues and nuns; Jakarta's walls and young men. Each tape and the movement of each city is set next to a piece of music; "New York Counter point" by Steve Reich, "Skyling" and "in Paradisum, part 4" by Michael J. Baker (Rome), and "Music for Mallet Instruments" by Steve Reich (Jakarta). The three tapes are independent of each other and can be seen separately.

(Rome) Skyling credits
Producer/Director/Writer: Barbara Sternberg
Length: 25 minutes
Year of Production: 2003
Music: Michael J. Baker
Country of Production: Canada
Exhibition format: vhs, beta sp, mini dv
Preview format: vhs

Available from:
Vtape 401 Richmond St.# 452
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8
telephone 416 351 1317, email:





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