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10 minutes,2011
by Sandra Gregson and Barbara Sternberrg

Vers, moving toward something, around a certain time.
Versing to express in verse.
Conversing to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions by talking.

vers(ing) opens in a coffee shop. People, sit, enter and exit. A conversation is heard. The video continues, traveling through the streets of a city, to a park, to other coffee shops, other places. No particular destination is reached, but as we travel, fragments of text are read, conversations are heard, settings, people and objects are noticed.

vers(ing) presents a moving toward that is transitory and offers a poetic contemplation of how life, meaning, and film are intertwined and constructed.

“I believe I’ve never mistaken fiction for reality, though I have mixed them together more than once, as everyone does.” Javier Marias, Dark Back of Time

Available from:
Vtape 401 Richmond St.# 452
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8
telephone 416 351 1317, email:


Barbara Sternberg © 2006
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