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“Film begins in Wonder"
Written by Barbara Godard
for CFMDC Spotlight Series DVD

Barbara Sternberg – Experimental Explorer
essay by Nora Hutchinson, March 2010

AURORA 2008: The Infinite Measure
Isbn 978-0-9553822-2-2, editor Adam Pugh

Lola 12 summer 02 Shotgun Review
Illuminations: a Book of Letters
by Inese Gravlejs

Parachute 98 Avr, Mai, Juin 2000
"Rae Davis et Barbara Sternberg"
by Christine Palmieri October, 2000
Surge: Rae Davis and Barbara Sternberg: Wow I wanna live there! by Suzanne Farkas

like a dream that vanishes: the films of Barbara Sternberg
edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2000
ISBN 0-96821 15-2-6
-"I can see your history in the way you move: at present ", Karyn Sandlos
-"opus 40", Larissa fan
-"transitions", Mike Zryd
-"a trilogy", Andre de Palma
-"tending toward the Horizontal", Robert Evertt-Green (review)
-"transitions: sternberg in the eighties", Mike Hoolboom (interview)
-"perception through process", Tim Dallett
-"living the everyday as history", Barbara Godard
-"beating", Jeffrey Lambert (programme note)
-"a letter to barbara sternberg", James Baker Hall
-"panorama: four films by barbara sternberg", Rae Davis
-"between the eyes: human vs. techno", Maria Ramdori
-"midst", Gerald Saul (programme note)
-"pecking: sternberg in the nineties", Mike Hoolboom
-"re:surfacing", Tim Dallett
-"glimpses and glances: the search for meaning in barbara sternberg's films", Barbara Goslawski
-"like a dream that vanishes", Janine Marchessault

Everyday Wonders in Barbara Sternberg's Like a Dream that Vanishes by William C. Wees. P.O.V. Magazine, Winter 2001 #41-42

“Revelling in the playing field: experimental artist inspired by Argo’s half-time shows”  by Peter Goddard, Toronto Star Apr. 14/00

“World descending at the antechamber” by Greg Burbidge,
 the carillon Dec.2, 1999

Image/Duration : installations of the moving image, edited by Tim Dallett , 1999
"Theatres of Perception: The Filmworks of Barbara Sternberg and the
Paperworks of Rae Davis"
by Barbara Godard

“ Sternberg short rediscovers sound of silents: midst/C’est la vie”
by Peter Goddard, Toronto Star Friday Feb. 6 1998

Cantrills Filmotes nos. 89, 90 June '98.
"Being Here: Barbara Sternberg's midst", by Rae Davis

Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada, Gutter Press ‘97
"Transitions", by Mike Hoolboom

“Unorthodox films and body art provoke self-questioning: Pulse, scan, fold” by Nancy Beale, The Ottawa Citizen Sept. 8, 1996

Matriart, vol. 6 #2&3 summer '96
"Beating", by Barbara Godard

Northern Exposures 1995 (Catalogue)
"Living the Everyday as History": article by Barbara Godard

The Toronto Star, April 6, 1995
"Beating makes some brutal connections": by Peter Goddard

“This supremely lyrical Beating makes some brutal connections”
Peter Goddard, Toronto Star Apr. 6 1995

“ Misfit Sternberg finds solace in nature: Through and Through”
Cameron bailey, NOW mag. Jan. 30, 1992

Matriart, vol.1 #4, Winter 91
"Art, Motherhood and Reproductive Technologies" by Naomi McCormack

Independent Eye, vol.10 #2, Winter '89
"body and time in the films of Barbara Sternberg" by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski

Composition, vol.II #3 Spring '88
"Authors, ancestors, afterbirth: a trilogy" by Mike Hoolboom

Spirit in the Landscape (catalogue) , Art Gallery of Ontario
by Bart Testa

Recent Work from the Canadian Avant-Garde, 1988
Art Gallery of Ontario, by Michael Zryd

Catalogue essay for Practices in Isolation by Gary Popovich April 19, 1986


Cantrills Filmnotes, #81,82 June '96
"Film Process as Self-Actualization, Dirk de Bruyn interviews Canadian filmmaker Barbara Sternberg"

Shifting Realities: An Interview Barbara Sternberg with Barbara Godard; Tessera 33, Winter 1992

Pecking: Barbara Sternberg in the 90s, an interview by Mike Hoolboom

Film/Time/Film: Barbara Sternberg and Gayle Young; Musicworks article 45, Winter 1990

Transitions: Sternberg in the 80s, an interview by Mike Hoolboom


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