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“Boundaries of Being” catalogue essay
Dunlop Art Gallery 1995

Webcast 2006: Some Thoughts and Attempts to Articulate Reactions to "Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes", a 33 minute videotape in 12 parts by Deirdre Logue

San Francisco Cinematheque catalogue Passing Through: a Phil Hoffman Retrospective
"Living as Filming, or Man with a Movie Camera" - an interview with Philip Hoffman

Topia Journal Spring 2004
"Why Tech/Why Not? A report on the 2003 Subtle Technologies Conference"

Caught in the Act: Canadian Women in Performance, YYZ Books
"Rae Davis: Four Decades of Invention"

Lola summer 02 Shotgun Review
Back to God's Country, D.Hartford
Family Album, Y. Singer

Newsletter, Congress of Research on Dance , Long Island University, N.Y.
"A Conference Report Subtle Technologies: Wonder or Curiosity"

LUX: a decade of artists' film and video, 2000 ISBN 0-920379-26-3

Lightstruck vol.8 # 3&4
"Fashion/Division: two films by Kika Thorne as seen by Barbara Sternberg"

Tessera, vol. 20 summer '96
"Let us never cease thinking" (two agitprop posters)

Cantrills Filmnotes, Volume 77-8
"Phillip Hoffman's Opening Series: an interview by B. Sternberg"

Through a Filmmaker's Eyes: a guide to teaching film in media literacy, 1992 ISBN 0-9696721

Matriart, vol. 2 #4/92
"Rae Davis: Breaking Out of the Play"

The Independent Eye, "Centering Marginality" summer/spring 1991: "An Open letter from Barbara Sternberg to Leila Sujir On the Occasion of Seeing Several Films by Marie Menken for the First Time"

Millenium Film Journal: the script issue, No. 25 Summer '91
"script" pages from "A TRILOGY" and "the waters are the beginning and end of all things"

The Visual Aspect: Recent Canadian Experimental Films, catalogue
- "Tending Towards the Horizontal"
- "The Canadian Experimental Scene as it looks to this filmmaker from Toronto"

Catalogue essay "The Big Picture"
"WALLS" by Michael Fernandes, Powerplant Gallery, Toronto

Cinema Canada
"On (experimental) Film", monthly column 1985-89
"On (experimental) Film" Aug 1986
"On (experimental) Film" Dec 1986
"On (experimental) Film" July 1987
"On (experimental) Film" May 1988
"On (experimental) Film" January 1989
"On (experimental) Film" May 1989
"On (experimental) Film" September 1989
"On (experimental) Film" 1
"On (experimental) Film" 2
"On (experimental) Film" 3
"On (experimental) Film" 4
"On (experimental) Film" 5
"On (experimental) Film" 6
"On (experimental) Film" 7
"On (experimental) Film" 8
"On (experimental) Film" 9

Halifax Conference: A National Forum on Cultural Policy September 21, 1985:
Two warnings and one demand


Culture, our Minds and the Election April 22/99

Blindspot: film in the gallery 1998

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